How to level up your tech-skills

Technology has changed the way we live. It has also made life easier, but there is always room for improvement. Learn more about technological skills here!

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  • On the window search bar type “Sound setting” and hit enter or you can open the setting application of windows .
  • After scrolling a bit you can see audio troubleshooting/sound troubleshooting.
  • Click on the “output” or “input” depending on what type of problem you are having .
  • Voila , it starts to work again.
  • WAIT! What if it didn’t work ? Well before troubleshooting anything which is usb or aux driven check whether the port/wire is working or not . Maybe the wire is broken or the port is dead :
  1. To check this you can try using a usb data storage or even you can try transferring data through your phone or portable ssd .
  2. Our second option is to use a different wire , for example : you are using an aux port , so you can try a different aux cable because aux cables tend to break easily .
  • On the desktop screen right click with your mouse on the empty space and select personalise
  • This will open a window with multiple options like theme , font type and size and background type.
  • You can adjust everything to your needs
  • But wait, where is the display setting ? well it’s in a different section of setting application.
  • To access that we can again right click at the empty space in desktop screen
  • We will see an option named display setting . Click on it.
  • Here we have all the settings related to the display of the device
  • Scrolling down will reveal an option named scale . Use that to set scale of your device to “100%”
  • And the display is back! Back with some good looking text and normal screen size .
  • Now you can complete your work before the deadline . Peace ^_^.



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