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4 min readMar 8, 2022
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“Work From Home”is a trend gaining popularity during this pandemic . Even though most of the countries have given Bluetick to working professionals , “work from home “ is still practised in various industries . Imagine you are a person “working from home” and your daily life involves cloaking a lot of screen-time but what if someday suddenly these gadgets of yours stop working and the deadline is near? What will you do ? Getting it repaired will cost time and cost you arm and leg even if repair wasn’t necessary . what if it was just due a software change or maybe some drivers were missing ? The repair will cost a hefty amount of money because they aren’t your relatives or brothers in arms who will fix it for you or will tell you the actual problem, they are people trying to make money from the problem which won’t even require a technician . But what if you want to save both money and time and want that device running back , will it be possible ? The answer is a big YESS.


Well, it’s simple and easy . You all are thinking about how we will be able to do that, right? The answer to that is, the internet .We consume content on a daily basis but what if we use it to learn something which can save us both time and money in future. There are various platforms like youtube , Udemy and even articles regarding this thing . After getting through all of these you can master the basics of technical skills to keep your work going without any disruption . Like it ? I will take it as a yes. For some of the readers it might not be as appealing as any other article regarding a different subject but stay with me because it’s going to be worth the time .

Let us take some examples into consideration:

Problem 1 : Imagine you have an important meeting, presumably an online meet but suddenly the audio device stops working and you have tried every possible headphone/mic/earphone to check whether you can hear them or vice-versa . tired of trying ,right ?Well we can solve this problem in a few minutes.


  • On the window search bar type “Sound setting” and hit enter or you can open the setting application of windows .
  • After scrolling a bit you can see audio troubleshooting/sound troubleshooting.
  • Click on the “output” or “input” depending on what type of problem you are having .
  • Voila , it starts to work again.
  • WAIT! What if it didn’t work ? Well before troubleshooting anything which is usb or aux driven check whether the port/wire is working or not . Maybe the wire is broken or the port is dead :
  1. To check this you can try using a usb data storage or even you can try transferring data through your phone or portable ssd .
  2. Our second option is to use a different wire , for example : you are using an aux port , so you can try a different aux cable because aux cables tend to break easily .

Problem 2 : School starts online classes due to the pandemic and you are new to computers . One fine day you think why not complete my work because the submission date is today !! Chaotic , right ? You boot-up your PC but then you see the text on the screen is of different font and size and maybe the screen is also zoomed in but how to fix it fast cause the deadline is near .

Solution :

  • On the desktop screen right click with your mouse on the empty space and select personalise
  • This will open a window with multiple options like theme , font type and size and background type.
  • You can adjust everything to your needs
  • But wait, where is the display setting ? well it’s in a different section of setting application.
  • To access that we can again right click at the empty space in desktop screen
  • We will see an option named display setting . Click on it.
  • Here we have all the settings related to the display of the device
  • Scrolling down will reveal an option named scale . Use that to set scale of your device to “100%”
  • And the display is back! Back with some good looking text and normal screen size .
  • Now you can complete your work before the deadline . Peace ^_^.

See how easy was it ? Everyone can do this , even if you don’t know much about computers!

Peace out readers , i will be back with a new blog soon ^_^.




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