Just another 22th june or wait is it ?

3 min readSep 23, 2022


I wish i could list more things but some word named confidentiality and moral do exist , so sorry in advance .


Hey readers , this is not an usual blog but hola amigos and amigas. Well you know life is fucked up but i am trying to enjoy it and solve my problems . So why is 22th june so special for me and well how it become special . Soo i forget first of all about this day but one loser but lovely friend of mine reminded me of that day by just saying “yaar ye kab hua tha ?????” and i was like ik when that happened and how that happened , so it was a sudden burst of memories i must say . On that day a lot of things happened but this one particular thing made me feel so freaking good and I just ________(neither i am gonna complete it nor i am gonna hint the fact what it was). Something or many things happened that day , well first my late night call with (not gonna say , i mean whoever is reading go and check there history ). Well, what happened in that call ? i can’t disclose much but a few things would be i realized how few people are important to me and how someone became special . I spent a lot of time alone and found peace in myself but few good people just changed that thing and that’s how “we all started”. Few circles were made and a pact was made . I love how things were going and i thought it might be the best time and it will last forever . That call was something else i must say like literally .After that i talked with a friend with whom i used to vent and rant about stuff happening . It was a bad day for that person but as soon as the day started becoming night , that person was happier than ever. My original plan was to meet that person on 22th morning but it wasn’t possible so yeah life again sucks but it’s okay i suppose ?

So I met that person on the 24th and it was a wholesome experience . well as good things always ends , mine did too but with a very bad experience . The circle went down , the pact was broken and a lot of things and bonds were gone . It was like a semicolon to my life I must say . Later I realized I might not be fit for groups . I still think it was my fault and actually it is , if i wasn’t such a kid things would be different . I made a few promises but wasn’t able to fulfill them . There is still one thing i want to fulfill right , which i cant state again but i really want to . Every story has a happy ending but this one doesn’t or maybe it is still in progress , going back to my online life but ….

well how to describe it ? Here is a para from a song .

This is not the end, this is not the beginning

Just a voice like a riot rocking every revision

But you listen to the tone and the violent rhythm

And though the words sound steady, something’s empty within ‘em

so what i am doing right now ? Trying to wind up things and not to repeat past mistakes. Few things I regret and few I don’t . I wish things were different but I have learned to move on and still figuring out what to do next but yeah one thing won’t change tho , that thing i want to fulfill . So yeah .

Bye readers and sorry if I made this awkward ….. I thought you might like a small piece of my daily life and I am really sorry for not posting anything for long.





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